Shuttle One™

Two modules

The Shuttle One™ high bay lighting system utilizes innovative modular systems to deliver high power LED lighting into bay lighting applications. This unique system allows for optimized lighting levels while reducing energy usage and maintenance. It's available with different optical lenses.

All our products are cULus E469723 and DLC listed.

Shuttle One - 6 Modules
Lm / W

Up to

Shuttle One's plastic cover, that can resist up to 60°C, can be replaced by a metal casing for higher temperature resistance, up to 90°C.

High Performance Lighting

The Shuttle One™ High Bay Lighting system uses leading edge technology to deliver high quality, energy efficient, and high performance lighting required for High Bay applications. We are now offering products with >140 initial lm/w.

LED arrays

COB LED Technology Light Source

COB (Chip On Board) LED deliver high performance, compact and cost-effective solid-state lighting solutions to serve the general lighting market. These products combine the high-efficiency, long lifetime, and reliability benefits of LEDs with the high light output levels of HID light sources.

SIMPLICITY ... No complicated electronic boards that only electronicians can fix! The Shuttle One™ system uses Bridgelux LED arrays, which deliver high quality, high density light, and long-life performance required by high bay applications to ensure high system reliability.


  • High light output
  • High quality / High density light
  • Long-life performance / Reliability

Electronic Driver Technology

Electronic drivers provide the AC to DC current conversion required to power LED technology. The Shuttle One system utilizes TOP QUALITY Meanwell products.

These high quality, high power factor and long lifetime drivers complement the long lifetimes of LEDs to create a leading edge lighting product.  All drivers used are 0-10V dimming enabled and are compatible with most occupancy sensors.

Thermal Management System

The thermal management of the Shuttle One™ product line is provided by custom designed heatsinks.

The innovative design ensures long lifetime and reliability of the LEDs and drivers.


Quality insurance you can trust

As we have invested a lot of time, money and energy to develop and to build the most powerful, flexible and effective industrial LED lighting system, we are extremely proud to publish our products certifications.

If you need more informations on any of our product certifications or warranties, please contact us.