Photometric measurements

Modular LED Systems offers a photometric measurement service, before and after installation, to get valuable information on your lighting optimization on file.

With professional tools, we take photometric readings in different spots of your location in order to build your lighting grid and to find the strength and weakness points of its present configuration, to ensure optimizing every part of it. Doing so, our specialists will be able to document your case and calculate your ROI (return on investment) to demonstrate the relevance of choosing LED lighting.

Photometric reader

Ask your “Photometric Measurement” quotation now. 350$ (USD)  Account opening fee.

Measurement fees can be credited on your invoice when you buy our products (certain conditions apply).

After paying, you will have to fill out the “Photometric Measurement Request” form, send us your .dwg plan of the location to evaluate and we will take care of the rest.