AGI32 – 3D Simulation

Modular LED Systems offers AGI32 3D computer simulations. To ensure the best possible lighting layout and to virtually see the light rendering you will obtain BEFORE BUYING, it is necessary to simulate the installation of the chosen product in your environment.

Get your 3D Simulation now for $500 USD

Simulation fees can be credited on your invoice when you buy our products (certain conditions apply).

After paying, you will have to fill out the “Simulation request” form, send us your .dwg plan of the location to simulate and we will take care of the rest.

Lighting layout plan

Starting with your plan, luminaires are positioned to cover the desired surface.

3 Dimensions rendering

Modelling allows to get a good preview of what the final result will be and lets you apply changes as needed.

Thermal covering

Thermal map allows to target the hot spots and the light dispersion around the whole space.

Computer simulation gives you the possibility to see the result, to modify your layout, to lower installation costs and to optimize your investment.

Simulation request

Send us your Autocad (.dwg) plan, your specifications and your coordinates, so that our team can work on your simulation.

Save your because of 3D simulation