Shuttle One™

The Shuttle One™ high bay lighting system utilizes innovative modular systems to deliver high power LED lighting into bay lighting applications. This unique system allows for optimized lighting levels while reducing energy usage and maintenance. It’s available in 2-3-4 and 6 modules ADJUSTABLE configurations.

All our products are cULus E469723 and DLC listed.

The Shuttle One™ lighting system can easily replace Metal Halide,
High Pressure Sodium, CFL, T5 and T8 conventional lighting systems. Our luminaires are ADJUSTABLES so we can meet your expectations in power savings and better lighting.

2 modules

30 000


  • 16′ to 25′ high
  • 160 W Power Input
  • 177 Lumens/W init.
  • 120-227V or 347V
  • -40°C to 60°C or more

3 modules

45 000

  • 25′ to 35′ high
  • 240 W Power Input
  • 177 Lumens/W init.
  • 120-227V or 347V
  • -40°C to 60°C or more

4 modules

60 000

  • 35′ to 45′ high
  • 320 W Power Input
  • 177 Lumens/W init.
  • 120-227V or 347V
  • -40°C to 60°C or more

6 modules

90 000

  • 45′ to 120′ high
  • 480 W Power Input
  • 177 Lumens/W init.
  • 120-227V or 347V
  • -40°C to 60°C or more

For any questions regarding our pricing or to order directly from the manufacturer, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Make BRIGHTER decisions…

  • Fast & Easy Installation

    Quick Connect / Low cost Installation – “Plug & Play” Replacement (1 for 1) – Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Optimum Design Flexibility

    Modular Designed for 20’ to 120’ Mounting Height

  • Most Powerful and Wide Lighting

    Up to 35% Brighter at Floor Level – Widest Lighting Beam Coverage (120°) – Uniform Illumination – Glare & Shades Control

  • High Level of Energy Efficiency

    Brighter lighting – Larger coverage – Lower energy consomption

  • Reliable Long Service Life

    Up to 250 000 hours operating at 70% +

  • 10 years Warranty

    Full Safety Compliance : DLC Listed and UL Certified – US & Canada

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Resistance

    Operating Temperature from -40°C to 40°C and+, Suitable for Damp Locations

  • IP66 Rated

    Chocs & Vibrations Resistant

  • Eco-Responsible

    RoHS Compliant & Pb Free – No Hazardous Waste – No Disposal Issues

  • Excellent Return On Investment (ROI)

    50 to 75% Lighting & Climate Control Energy Savings

You will see !

Lighting Coverage Comparison Chart
Shuttle One™ is the leading solid state modular luminaire solution for
industrial, commercial and institutional applications.

Commercial and Industrial High Power Lighting

Contact Luminaires used in commercial and industrial lighting require long life combined with stable and consistent performance over the life of the product. Color temperatures (CCT) and Color Rendering index (CRI) vary to meet the needs of the lighting application.

Shuttle One products for commercial and industrial lighting are designed to deliver a tailored solution for High Bay applications that require dependable, efficient, high-output lighting and long system life.

Systems are available in single or multiple module configurations starting at 9000 to 15000 lumens for a single module.