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Experience in practice

When you need to buy or change your lighting, it can’t be taken lightly…


Benefit from all the years we spent in research and development, from our expertise and our professional evaluation services.

AGI32 3D Simulation

See the results BEFORE YOU BUY; get a state of the art 3D simulation to see how the light and temperature will be distributed considering the installation plan.

Click here to see what a 3D simulation looks like!

Photometric measurements

Before even thinking of changing or installing LED lighting systems, get a professional photometric measurement of the light you already have, and the light you want, in every corner of your work environment.

After getting the photometric results, you can compare different kind of systems with our 3D simulation service.

Custom lighting design

If, for any reason, you want a different design or different metrics for your own luminaires, it will be our pleasure to create a new one, tailored to your specific needs.

Ask for a custom design luminaire quotation.