Canadien National (CN)

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After testing our products for a time, CN bought Shuttle One™ (2 and 4 heads) to light its train maintenance facility in Montreal, Qc. The brightness is really different from the yellow light provided by metal halide. The heavy-duty strength and the low-maintenance probably helped their decision.

Bombardier C-Series Airplaine Manufacture

admin Hangars, Industrial High Bay lighting, Manufactures

First started as a test with a few lights, the efficiency was so good that they decided to install our products and replace everything with Shuttle One™ (6 modules). We’re proud to say that Bombardier’s new C-Series has been built under Modular LED Systems’ Shuttle One™ industrial high bay lighting.

Victoriaville Arena

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Victoriaville (Quebec, Canada) is a city that is leading the way in sustainable development. The Sani-Marc Sport Centre was built the most eco-energetic possible. This is probably a major reason why Modular LED Systems’ Shuttle One™ lighting was selected for the ice rink.